Quirky Reading Lists

This is the page I provide for those who would like to read certain books under the umbrella of various themes. Comparing different authors' opinions and styles on the same subject is stimulating for the mind, not to mention great fun. Maybe you just appreciate lists, as I do, so I keep adding more of these too.

Finally, there are times when we may just feel in the mood for a certain type of novel. Feel free to scroll down the options and choose one which grabs your attention.

10 Wicked Women from novels
10 Authors I own most books from
10 Books I'm not sure I want to read, for whatever reason
10 characters we know without even reading the book
10 Places Book have made me want to visit
Top Ten Reads of 2014
Top 10 Characters I'd like to check in with
Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books
Seven novels featuring amnesia
3 books containing marginalia (in the story)
10 novels in which deceased people are main characters
5 Reasons I hesitate to read 'Go Set a Watchman'
10 stories in which reading and writing feature in the Bible
Three novels with crazy mix-ups
6 novels with celebrities as main characters.
Several interesting biographical fictions
11 Books with Cool Literary Cats
Six True Heroes
5 novels which feature amazing, supernatural books
15 Memorable Teachers in Stories
A Dozen Orphans
9 stories featuring photographers
9 books to help us do our housework
The Legend of the Mean Girl - and Six Examples
3 settings with an impossible number of stories
Five wonderful historical mothers
Several noteworthy literary trees
8 books which feature antiques
4 books about managing our diets
Several perplexing conscience stories
8 of literature's most awkward marriage proposals
The sad scarcity of bromances, with 10 examples  (Part 2, updated)
4 good books to alleviate depression
10 stories featuring railways and trains
5 Bad Boys with Depth
Several fictional homes that perish
10 stories that feature twins
Several stories with female heads of children's homes
Several Giant Cats in Stories
Stories that feature beautiful portraits
Several Story Book Dogs
A dozen fictional bridges - cross them if you can
Stories which feature Umbrellas
A dozen literary rodents
Several tales of unrequited love
The Greatest Narcissists
Several Evergreen Kids (look it up, to find out what they are)
A list of Famous Apples
Famous Grouchy Tourists
Famous Contented Prisoners
Famous Man Servants who steal the show
Jolly Poor Families
Best books to read in the bathtub
Famous storybook tea parties
Intriguing stories about insomnia
Stories with Gold
Stories with Mirrors
Pyjamas in Stories
Stories with Heroic Toys
Several Ships that never Sailed
Stories to read in the loo
Mood Lifting Books
Stories with Libraries and Librarians
Several super (and sexy) scientists
Guys with crazy genetic diseases involving time
Craziest School Punishments
Help from fictional characters
Books for Star Wars Day
The Royal Book Game
Famous comic crosspatches and grouches
Characters who contemplate murder
Stories with Chocolate
Stories with Graveyard Incidents
Women who love Bad Men
Famous homesickness cases.
Wonderful Quotes about the Sea
Characters who refuse to take Responsibility
Characters with Insane Jealousy
Famous Headless Characters
Christmas Highlights in Stories
Autobiographical Author/Character Match-Ups
Guys who were refused, then later accepted.
Masters of a Great Positive Attitude

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