Little House-athon 2018

This year I'm embarking on something I'm really looking forward to - a year spent reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's wonderful series about her pioneering life, spanning her years from childhood to motherhood. They were among my very favourite childhood books, and deserve a re-read. Toward the end of each month I'll post a review, culminating with a book of anecdotes from people who remembered her personally. I've got to give credit to Ruth @ A Great Book Study for inspiring me with the idea. 

1) Little House in the Big Woods

2) Little House on the Prairie

3) Farmer Boy

4) On the Banks of Plum Creek

5) By the Shores of Silver Lake

6) The Long Winter

7) Little Town on the Prairie

8) These Happy Golden Years

9) The First Four Years

10) On the Way Home

11) West From Home

12) I Remember Laura


Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser


  1. I'm so excited. I don't need excuses to reread these again and again, but I like to think I have one since you are doing this. So I will join you. I must say, I never read I remember Laura, so that will be nice to read another new book about the author. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ruth, I'm so glad you are joining me. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into these again, after ever so long 😍