Fun Discussions

First, I have discussions which encourage us to dig deeper in specific books. Sometimes a mere review falls short of what they deserve, since there's so much more that could be said, which may include plot spoilers. So here are discussions for those times when I ramble on more about characters, settings, comparisons, styles, moods, or any other number of things on my mind. 

5 Reasons I haven't read 'Go Set a Watchman' yet
Battle of the Book Boyfriends: Gilbert or Darcy?
Book Boyfriends through the Generations
Which Classic should be required School Reading?
Is Severus Snape a good person?
Is Harry Potter a Bad Dad?
Meet a Forgotten Heartthrob from 1836
My favourite Lucy Maud Montgomery hero
Can sworn enemies ever become friends? (Featuring Harry and Draco)
Falling for a friend's younger sister - Does it work?
Hanging with Alice
Stories deep within other stories
Mothers - the secret weapon of Harry Potter
Anne with an E - Imagination is Crucial
Why I loved the Peculiar Children series
The day I was rebuked by Jane Austen
Wisdom from the Graveyard School
Heartthrob from 1836 - Sam Weller
Heartthrob from Prince Edward Island - Perry Miller
Heartthrob from Dickensian London - 'Pip' Pirrip
Dolly Winthrop - A Wise but Illiterate Woman

And I also have discussions about all sorts of things to do with reading, writing and books in general.

The One Constant Thing is Reading
Reading - Borrowing somebody else's brains
Guest Article with Susan Fish
Genetically modified fiction
A Life Spent Reading
Electronic versus print books - which are better?
Guest post with Aussie Children's author, Penny Reeve
Labyrinths or Mazes - Guest post by Autumn Macarthur
YA fiction, guest post by South Aussie author Rosanne Hawke
Doughnuts and Books
Why Fiction is so Important
The First Christmas Presents
Books are Memorials of our Lives
Prevent Reading Indigestion
How the Mighty Fall
Help from a Human Angel
Let's Bloom where we're Planted
Reading out loud is like driving - which side of the book are you?
Pages from Heaven
The ANZACs - Remembered for 100 years
The wonderful Tom Swifty
Marginalia - Love it or Hate it
'The Best' is very subjective
My War against Cliches
Stealth Artists and Authors
What do you think of Grammar Police?
Do you finish all the books you start?
The Alchemy of Stories
Books that are Hard to Understand
Euphemisms; Do we have too many?
When English speakers can't understand each other
Transformation stories - friends or foes?
Poppies and Story Heroes
A Good Story Belongs to Everyone
Should people write biographical fiction?
Cool Literary Cats
It humbles me to write this amazing blog post
I wasn't bored, but thought I was
To Swear or not to Swear
Writing and Walking go Together
Star Rankings - A Help or Hindrance?
Empathy - can you overdose?
The importance of jesters, clowns and fools
What genre is your life?
The Value of White Space
The Sneaky Plot Spoiler
A lesson from an eel
Words and Food Match-Ups
Melancholia - The Happy Side of Sadness
The Middle stage of writing and life
Writers living with Kids
Kids living with Writers
The Vince family and the search for the elusive Harry Potter book
The sad lack of Bromances
Reading with Depression
The Freedom of admitting, 'I don't know.'
Do Books Go Off?
How to have a cosy reading experience on a budget
How long should you spend on whatever you're writing?
Why don't we leave comments on blogs?
Why fantasy novels remind me of social media
What's your book of Shame?
Why is a reader like a pickled onion?
Should Classics be adapted for young readers?
A Special Gallery for International Read to Me Day
Why Bother Reading Books?
40 Excellent Reasons to Write
The Trouble with Social Media Stats
The Stories make the Aussie
We don't have to tackle Mount Everest
Would You Rather? The Book lover's version
What we can learn from the modest letter Q
A great reason to re-read novels
The litmus test of humility
The Cannonball Effect
A Patron Saint for Fangirls (and guys)
How Great Stories go Viral
Gift of the Gab or Gift of the Pen?
Excavating our Passions

These threads really do illustrate the value of following the white rabbit.

Six Degrees of Separation 1, Room


  1. Hi Paula,
    It's great to see everything in the one spot. I am enjoying your blog posts, and so I am also looking forward to reading your books. Wishing you a wonderful 2015 and beyond.
    Cheers, Josephine :)

  2. Thanks Josephine,
    I thought putting them under a heading might make it easier. I hope you return and keep enjoying them :)