Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Thankful for Dishes" by Narelle Nettelbeck

 This is a book of 1oo devotions for busy mothers. Narelle Nettelbeck understands how worn out women can become as we try to juggle many different aspects of daily life at once. She also knows that the encouragement we need to fulfill our roles is sometimes a long time coming and has taken it upon herself to fill the gap. Each of these devotions is pure gold, never condemning but always convicting in a very gentle way.

They have also helped to transform my vocabulary. Things I once called "mundane" have now become "noble". It's a book that lives up to its title. I never thought I'd say this, but as I read I found that I truly was thankful for my dishes.

Genre: Motivational/self-help
Publisher: Even Before Publishing

I've known Narelle for a few years now, and earlier this year I was delighted to be able to meet her in person when I attended the Word Writers Fair in Perth. Being shown some of the sights of this beautiful city with Narelle and her family was one of the highlights of my trip. It's great to see that "Thankful for Dishes" has been listed a finalist in the Bookseller's Choice section of this years CALEB Awards. 

Thankful for Dishes available from Amazon 

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  1. Thanks Paula :)
    It was a delight to meet you in person!