Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Mellington Hall" by Meredith Resce

The sumptuous looking front cover allured me to get stuck straight into this novel. I found myself entering a scenario that reminded me of a Cluedo game. It's the 1930s and some nasty business is afoot in the stately Mellington Hall. Somebody is determined to kill our hero, Sir Alan Mellington. Is it his philandering younger brother, Simon? Is it Rupert, the attentive valet? Or maybe the gruff housekeeper, Mrs Mirren? The only person Alan can completely trust is Miss Sarah Montgomery, the daughter of his gamekeeper, but because of him, she's been unfairly branded as a promiscuous woman and ostracized from her parish and village.

I found I had a double reason to read the story very quickly. Apart from wanting to discover the identity of the would-be murderer, I wondered how on earth can these two possibly become romantically involved? It's a plot that could only happen in the class-conscious Britain of yore, and if I were Sarah, I don't know if I could have forgiven my parents so easily coming from a twenty first century perspective. That's another hook for you ladies to get hold of this book. And don't forget a block of chocolate and nice, steaming cup of tea.

Genre: Period drama romance
Publisher: HSM Publishing

Meredith Resce's period drama romances are well-known and widely loved by many readers. Back in 2000, she helped me publish my first novel and I'm equally grateful for the friendship and encouragement she's given me for over a decade. If I hadn't known there was another Christian fiction author in Adelaide whose advice to seek, there's a good chance I'd never have gotten anywhere with my own books.
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  2. I see you posted this blog ages ago Paula, but for some reason, I hadn't read it before. I like it very much!