Hidden Heroes

This is my page for highlighting characters who may not always get the love they deserve. Scroll down for plenty of obscure heart-throbs and underrated heroines. 


These are the manly heroes who have the potential to steal our hearts, but share one other thing in common too. They tend to slip under the radar, for whatever reason. Some of them may never have achieved the fame they deserved, while others enjoyed their time in the spotlight but tend to be forgotten now. I thought I'd do my bit for female readers by bringing them to the light and describing why you should read the novels they belong in as soon as possible. I'll be steadily adding more :) 

Generations of book boyfriends
Sam Weller (from The Pickwick Papers)
Perry Miller (from the Emily of New Moon series)
'Pip' Pirrip (from Great Expectations)
Edmund Bertram (from Mansfield Park)
Alyosha Karamazov (from the Brothers Karamazov)
Humphrey Beverley (from Children of the New Forest)
Konstantin Levin (from Anna Karenina)


These are the wonderful women of fiction who are hard to forget, once we have them brought to our attention in the first place. They've often been marginalised in somebody else's story, or celebrated for different reasons than the ones I've chosen to highlight. They are role-models with the potential to help us navigate our own lives, but only if we know about them.

The brave mothers in Harry Potter books
Dolly Winthrop (from Silas Marner)
A Great Pair of Sisters (Kitty and Dolly from Anna Karenina)
Emma Woodhouse: Why do we love such a snob?

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