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I truly believe that reading books rescued my childhood from being a bit drab and downtrodden at times. I was the baby of the family, with a reputation for always having her nose stuck in a book. I was also the typical bullied school geek. As stories transported me to faraway times and places back then and still do, I like to pay it forward whenever I can. I do this through my own writing and recommending of good books. I'm enjoying getting stuck back into the good old classics, after being put off them by studying too many at Uni. 

Other books I most like to review are novels with uplifting themes, wholesome books for children and young adults, and personal development books with themes of happiness and spirituality. I've divided my book reviews into fiction and non-fiction for the sake of simplicity, but these cover many sub-genres. Both contemporary and historical fiction are excellent, and if the stories have a thread of romance, I can't ask for more. I actually prefer a romantic thread to straight romance, although a bit of chick lit suits me sometimes. I don't consider fantasy to be my native tongue, but some have made it up there among my favourites (I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. Every quiz I've ever done tells me I'm a Ravenclaw, and I'm happy with that.)

Biographies and memoirs are great. I enjoy personal development books too, although I've read so many over the years that I seem to be quicker at placing them into either of two categories; 'Same old thing' or 'Something Special.'

I've been married to my husband, Andrew, since 1992, and we have three children, Logan, Emma and Blake.  We lived in South Australia's picturesque Adelaide Hills for many years, but have now moved down to one of the seaside suburbs, so I'm loving the beach. 

I've written reviews for other places as well as here at The Vince Review, including The Book Curator magazine which is circulated to school librarians in Australia to help them make their selections, and RISE, a South Australian, Christian based periodical.

Here's what I provide on this blog.
* An honest, unbiased and comprehensive review. You'll find my reviews are quite chatty, since talking about my impressions of a book has always been my favourite thing.
* Book Cover.
*Rating out of 5.
* Review also posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

Within the last few years, I've been a homeschooling parent, a domestic cleaner, and have commenced studying a Master of Divinity. 

If you enjoy my blog posts here, you might like to consider reading the books I've written. They are mostly contemporary inspirational dramas with elements of romance, mystery and suspense, all set around my beloved home city, Adelaide. They've been a labour of love for the past few decades, and if you'd be kind enough to leave a review on the normal sites and channels, I'd be delighted.


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