Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Introducing - Susanne Timpani and 'Twice Stolen'

It's a pleasure to welcome this author and her new release to The Vince Review today. I've known Susanne Timpani for some time, since we are both fiction authors who live in Adelaide, South Australia. She's been working hard on this novel for several years, and to hear her tell the story, the research alone was immense. It was great to attend her book launch, along with fellow members of 'Christian Writers Downunder' on Sunday afternoon, and share the celebration, especially since I've already read and enjoyed 'Twice Stolen'.


 The ancient backdrop of outback Australia is ideal for this evocative novel, full of deep secrets. Dimitri and Leah choose to hide disturbing facts from each other, but there are far older secrets, tied in with their personal identities, they have yet to fathom. Ignorance and passage of time never erase our secrets but simply conceal them. The experiences of the characters in this novel reveal the importance of not keeping our stories to ourselves. A fascinating tale full of beauty and spirit.

As an Aussie reader and writer, I like to look out for stories with gripping plots and complex characters which also bring our wonderful continent to life. I haven't found as many as I think there should be, but this one fits the bill.

And now I'll let Susanne tell her own story.

Twice stolen: a Valentine's Day release
By Susanne Timpani
Twice stolen is a multi-faceted story with subplots and a number of key themes. These include the Aboriginal Stolen Generation, Solomon's Song of Songs and Medical Romance.

The conception of the Aboriginal theme in the novel commenced after hearing stories of disconnection and pain from Aboriginal co-workers and community members. This sparked a desire to learn more about the experiences of Indigenous Australians. A flurry of reading Fiction and Non-Fiction works authored by Aboriginal writers, watching documentaries, talking to Aboriginal people and attending cultural events developed a desire in me to integrate what I had learned into my writing.

As the story unfolded I wanted to express spiritual themes in a way that was unique and creative. The characters, Dimitri and Leah had developed a romantic relationship. What better place to find the combination of romance and spirituality than the Word of God?

I remembered discovering Solomon's Song of Songs in my youth when flicking through the bible. Full of passionate words and imagery it fitted perfectly with the flavour of Twice stolen. Aboriginal spirituality is so closely linked with imagery from nature that the two themes connected perfectly.

Writers are encouraged to write about what they know. I am a registered nurse, midwife, nurse educator, child and family health nurse with community health experience in a remote setting. I have written about my experiences in a number of published non-Fiction stories and articles. The medical themes in Twice stolen flow naturally from the everyday experience of my work.

Once I had the main elements of Twice stolen; Indigenous Australia, Solomon's Song of Songs and Medical Romance, the story fell into place.

In 2011 the unpublished manuscript won the CALEB prize in that category. Since that time I have been supported by mentors and reviewers and the novel has been reshaped, polished and finally published with Armour Books. Anne Hamilton, founder and publisher has provided a significant role during this process.

Released Sunday, February 14th, 2016, Twice stolen is a novel published in God's perfect timing. I hope readers will find it an encouraging, informative and inspiring read.

Susanne is married, has four beautiful children and works as a community nurse with families. Themes of her work and her faith appear in her writing. 

Susanne is the author of the blog, 10 Minute Daily Retreat. These twice weekly reflections on scripture can be viewed through 


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  1. Hi Paula and Susanne. Was so disappointed to not be able to attend the launch of Twice Stolen on Sunday. A last minute crisis turned out to be a non-event in the end and it was too late to get to the other side of town. However, I'm picking up my copy today and can't wait to read it after reading all the blogs and publicity stuff about the book. I have also purchased another copy for my cousin who many years ago when she found out she couldn't carry a baby to full term after having miscarried 6 babies, adopted 2 beautiful part-aboriginal children. She eventually carried one of her own and now is the proud grandmother of several grandchildren including a current Crows football player. Well done Susanne and thanks Paula for your thoughts as well.

    1. Thanks Lesley, I was sorry to hear about your personal crisis, but it sounds like all was well in the end. I hope you and your cousin enjoy the book immensely.

    2. Really sorry not to have seen you, Lesley, but so glad to hear things turned out well. That's the main thing. I'm sure you and your cousin will love Twice Stolen.

  2. Hi Ladies. I'm excited to read your book, Susanne. These themes are close to my heart, and this story sounds right down my ally. ☺

    1. Thanks Rose, it would be an honour for another author to read the book, I hope you find it informative as well as entertaining.

    2. Hi Rose,
      I think you're right and I'll be interested to hear your thoughts too.

  3. Hi Ladies. I'm excited to read your book, Susanne. These themes are close to my heart, and this story sounds right down my ally. ☺

  4. Thanks Paula for your insights into the Twice Stolen. And congrats Susanne on the release of your book. It is intriguing. Bought a copy at the Omega AGM and have bumped it up my to-read list.

    1. Thanks Jeanette, it's such a thrill to hear you have a copy ready to read. I hope you find it enjoyable.

    2. Thanks Jenny,
      It does have an intriguing sounding premise, doesn't it?

  5. Great to hear a little more of the story behind the book Susanne. I really enjoyed it and hope it does well.

    1. Thanks Nola, and thanks for the detailed Review over at Goodreads.

    2. Hi Nola,
      It's always good to see another well-written Aussie novel hit the shelves.