Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Justice at Baragula" by Mary Hawkins

Readers of the two prequels to this book surely know that Mary Hawkins has a skill for delving deeply into the secret and most protected thoughts of her characters' hearts. Anybody looking for a story in which hidden layers and complexities are gently revealed and healed with God's love can rest sure in the fact that she'll deliver what you hope for.

I love the honest and true-blue setting of this series; the town of Baragula and its outlying properties. The characters are the sort of hard-working and quietly humorous country folk who deserve to be featured in novels, as they are true heroes who form the backbone of our country and often remain unsung.

Those who have already read Return to Baragula and Outback from Baragula will be happy to see the way in which the relationship between town cop, Bradley Hunter and his estranged sweetheart Madeline Honeysuckle unfolds. I love Brad because there is something special about a person who begins life with circumstances seemingly piled up against him, yet makes something of himself that we can truly admire. The secret Madeline keeps to herself, which has been hinted at in the former novels, is at last revealed to our shock. I'd definitely recommend that if you haven't read the first two books, do so before you read this one, as it ties the story up beautifully for everybody.

Genre: Contemporary fiction
Publisher: Ark House Press

I've had the pleasure of meeting Mary Hawkins a couple times at Writers' Fairs and look forward to seeing her again in November. She has encouraged me from the time I launched out and published my first novel back in 2000. Being a newbie on the market then, I appreciated the enthusiastic letter I received from Mary, an established and beloved author. For the last two years we have both been finalists in the CALEB fiction award, an unforeseen twist which scares me a bit when I stop to think.


  1. I have all three to read and will get to them next year (this year is getting busier by the minute).

  2. Justice is the next on my pile...
    Great review -thanks Paula

  3. Oh my! What does a person "say" after such lovely words about her and her books? I am sure your readers will realise just what a lovely, generous person you are, Paula! And it has been wonderful to have an Aussie author and friend like yourself whose books I can enjoy so much. I can still remember how thrilled I was after reading that first book of yours. Am so looking forward to seeing you again in another few weeks at The Word Writers Fair - and that CALEB award dinner evening - nerves and all LOL.

  4. You're welcome, Mary :) The CALEB award dinner and Word Writers Fair are just a little over three weeks away now. Will see you there.