Friday, October 28, 2011

"The Gardener's Guide to Growing Money Trees" by Dave Bell and James Morcom

The author of this book, Dave Bell, admits that in his former life he graduated from the school of hard knocks, "majoring in the art of working really hard while going broke slowly." That surely struck a chord with me and I was fascinated to learn how he got himself off the treadmill and began work on this book to celebrate.

The cover alone reveals that this is a unique book. Dave and photographer James Morcom notice quirky and often unexpected relationships between nature and methods of earning money. Each stunning double page features a brilliant nature photograph including many Australian ones, along with a corresponding insight about aspects of money making such as business dealings, the share market and my favourite, the buoyant and persistent attitude necessary to keep our dreams alive; the same attitude which helped them to write and market the book.

I found it easy to get lost in the apt beauty of their analogies between nature and business. The book invites us to ponder ways in which we may change our own lives for the better. As I told my 7-year-old son when I brought the book home, adults need picture books too and perhaps many of our grouchy and short-sighted problems begin when people begin telling us that we don't.

Genre: Business, nature, gift book (hard cover)
Publisher: David Bell Garden Design

I met Dave Bell last week while we were both selling our books at the Spring Expressions Festival at Stirling, in the Adelaide Hills. During the course of the day we got talking and Dave shared many of his intriguing reflections on money and life, which is what his book is all about. It was an ideal setting for a chat and I appreciated his encouragement and friendliness. I was delighted to be able to swap him a set of my "Quenarden" fantasy adventure novels for a copy of "The Gardener's Guide."

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