Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 novels which feature amazing, supernaturual books

We may sometimes hear the question, 'Which books made the biggest impact in your life?' It's common knowledge that books have the potential to change lives, and we can probably each rattle off a list. But these novels take it a step further. They each feature a book that radically changes the life of the protagonist. However, they are more than a mere story within another story. The contents of these books turn out to have a magical or surreal quality which has a direct bearing on the life of the hero.

Here are five I've come across within the last few years. If you wanted to get hold of the whole pile, it would make a fascinating, mystical read-athon.

1) The Book of Days by James L. Rubart.
Book of Days Psalm 139: 16 tells us that our days were all recorded in God's Book of Days before any of them came to be. The hero, Cameron, hears rumors about the physical existence of such a book, with past, present and future histories of every man and woman written in it. He sets off on a quest to find it.
My review is here.

2) The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Farber
The Book of Strange New Things The missionary hero, Peter, sets off to share the contents of our Bible with strange beings on another planet. He has no idea how different it will be to them.
My review is here.

3) The Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern
The Book of Tomorrow The young heroine, Tamara, discovers a strange book which tells her events set to take place within the next few days, before they even happen.

4) The Book Keeper by Julieann Wallace
The Book Keeper Handsome hero, Cohen Darcy, doesn't even like books, but circumstances make him custodian of an eerie book which is being written as he lives his life. The author, Julieann Wallace, is a fellow Australian author friend of mine. I had fun reading her book. My review is here.

5) The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder
The Solitaire Mystery A young boy receives a mysterious, tiny book to read on his road trip. The more he gets stuck into it, the more he finds that it has bearing on his own life, even though it appears to written about long ago people.  
My review is here.

If anybody can think of any more stories about such remarkable books, please share them with me.

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