Monday, July 7, 2014

Interview with Cherie Burbach

Today I'd like to welcome a very prolific author who has written non-fiction, self-help and fiction, but today we're helping her celebrate the release of her fresh new poetry book, 'My Soul is from a Different Place'.

Cherie is the Friendship Expert and has published over 1,000 articles on the subjects of health, sports, lifestyle, and friendship. She’s also written for NBC/Universal,, Popular Mechanics, Philips Lifeline, and more.
Cherie’s poetry reflects the faith and hope that is evident in her life story. After reading and enjoying the book, I asked Cherie these questions.

1) How did you come to choose the book’s title?

 The title comes from one of the poems, which I wrote when considering how our soul might feel being housed here with us on earth. When it finally leads us back to God and we return home, how content and welcome it feel being back home. It’s my reminder that this earth is not the end of our journey.

(It draws us in, that's for sure.)

2) You’ve written a wide variety of books. What is it about poetry that appeals to you as the right medium for books like this?

I think poetry opens up a different level of emotion and understanding, especially when we talk about feelings, faith, or loss. Sometimes we are “at a loss for words” in dealing with the things we experience emotionally, and poetry is one way to express ourselves in a healthy way. I’ve always been drawn to poetry because it helps me view the world in a different way.

3) The cover is unique, interesting, and easy to be drawn into. How did you settle on this design?
My Soul Is from a Different Place: Poems
I’ve been intrigued by the idea of our solar system and am always brought back to how incredible God’s vision is for us. That he made the earth and stars and loves us so much he created this world that is exactly perfect for us in every way (temperature, light, atmosphere). So I wanted to design the cover that conveyed how we’re a part of everything he made, and that our souls are connected to Him even while we’re here in the comfy confines of earth.
The cover is a combination of my mixed media art and computer design skills.

4) Are there two or three poems in this book which are personal favourites of yours, or particularly meaningful to you?
The title poem definitely is, and also “Kiss That Scar” and “The Wise Bride.” They are all in some way about embracing your mistakes as lessons from God, moving forward, and being content with the person you are today.

(I loved those ones too, as I was reading through.)

5) As I read through the poems, they seem to ring with joy, optimism and faith, even in the presence of adversity. Do you need to be in the right frame of mind to write them, or are you able to use your gift to help draw yourself out of an undesirable head space?

I’m so glad that you’ve taken those thoughts from them! I feel that even when I’m feeling sad or frustrated, poetry helps me reconnect with God, and when you do that, you see hope on the horizon. You might not feel it yet, but you know it’s there and at times when I’m struggling that’s enough. I know the bad times won’t last forever, and they can’t keep my faith down for long. So the process is an easy one because the poetry does all the work. It’s almost like prayer.

Cherie, thanks for coming to visit my blog today. It was lovely having you, and I hope, 'My Soul is from a Different Place' will touch the hearts of many readers. To connect with Cherie and view her broad range of books and writing, please visit her website.


  1. Thank you for having me on your blog today! Many blessings to you.

    1. Thanks for being my guest, Cherie. It was great to have you.

  2. Thanks for that interview Cherie and Paula. It's great to hear about a new Christian poetry book. The poems you mentioned sound interesting. I'll have to have a look for it.

    1. Hi Nola,
      I am usually not a great reader of poetry, but Cherie's book was a real treat. I agree with you that it's really good to see some poetry represented in an interview.

    2. Thank you, Nola! I hope you enjoy it.