Monday, June 9, 2014

'Let God Talk to You' by Becky Tirabassi

Let God Talk to You: When You Hear Him, You Will Never Be the Same
Becky Tirabassi, bestselling author of Let Prayer Change Your Life, shares that it really is possible to hear from God. Most Christians long for a closer connection with God--to talk to Him and hear His voice. They believe He wants to guide their lives, but get discouraged when He seems far away and silent. Becky Tirabassi encourages readers that God wants to talk to them, and shows them how to recognize His voice. She invites readers to connect with God in a two-way conversation that will satisfy the longing of their souls to know Him and be loved by Him.

I've come across other books with similar titles that have been more intimdating, because they seem to have been written by spiritual giants who pray 5+ hours/day, have frequent out-of-body style visions, claim to have heard God's voice boom audibly and regularly deliver spot-on prophetic messages for people. This book is like a breath of fresh air for those of us who are passionate and sincere about receiving from God, but live more mundane lives.

I love Becky Tirabassi's emphasis that God really longs to speak to each of us, so we don't have to beg, plead or come up with the right 'Open Sesame' style phrase. She uses the phrase 'God Talks' which may appeal to those who find 'prayer' has become a more daunting word. She likens hearing God communicate to learning a foreign language, but rather than French, German or Korean, we may think of it as a language of spiritual impressions.

I'm sure many of us will be pleased to find that we've hearing from Him anyway, in sudden flashes of clarity or inspiration which we may have brushed off. Tirabassi expresses it this way. "I wait and listen for God to talk to me by impressing helpful or encouraging thoughts upon my heart and mind which always address my pending or present concerns." And the book is full of enough personal anecdotes that are bound to prompt memories when similar, subtle things have happened to us.

My only small gripe is when she spoke about our reading material, specifically telling us what to choose. She rattles off spiritual growth books, books on healing and biographies of missionaries and business persons, but doesn't mention fiction. I guess as both a reader and writer of fiction, the omission from such lists always makes me sad. A well-written novel has the power to produce the same results and deserves a spot on the lists. Although Becky Tirabassi isn't the only person who has ever left it off, I hope her omission won't inspire people to deliberately shun fiction as of no value.

On the whole, I loved this book and appreciate her warm, loving style. It's obvious that she has been involved in several divine appointments and I'm sure I'll be returning to this book over again.

To finish with a few quotes from it, "People who spend time with God have access to His power. People who don't, don't", "You'll never be greater than your prayer life" and "No-one but God can show you your 'stuff' and make it look so ugly, yet so conquerable at the same time."

4.5 stars

Let God Talk to You: When You Hear Him, You Will Never Be the Same available from Amazon

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