Thursday, April 24, 2014

'Grabbing your Destiny by the Horns' by William Gabienu

What do you want from your life? What makes you unique? Are you searching for the love of God?

Discover the keys to living out the dreams of your heart in this riveting masterpiece by author William Gabienu: Grabbing Your Destiny by the Horns: Finding Your Place in Life.

This book unveils to you your uniqueness and tremendous strengths and abilities as an individual. It also exposes to you the blueprints you require to start living out your dream and purposeful life.

This is a fairly short book which it is possible to read in a couple of hours.

The author sets the scene by explaining how our purposes are always easily discovered running in the direction of our most compelling personal dreams and desires. It's a good place to start from, as it has sometimes surprised me how often we tend to overlook this pivotal point, choosing instead to feel guilty for focusing on what makes us happy, instead of what others might choose for us.

As following this isn't as simple as it sounds, he goes on to explain how to heed what he calls the language of our hearts. This includes such advice as riding to our own destined place of honour as king, rather than 'ending up lost as a stranger in a world made for another.' It's reminiscent of essays by old-timers such as Henry David Thoreau.

The book goes on to explain that desire without action is dead, and offers effective methods to approach problems and difficulties. It lists 'dream poisoners' we should watch out for, because being alert to their presence gives us tools not to let them sweep us away.

He spends a chunk discussing how important it is to not be be caught up in the sort of competitive attitudes which lead to rivalry and antagonism. And in spite of the nature of the book (not to mention the title) urging us to take action in shaping our own lives, he warns of the dangers of falling into the pitfall of perfectionism.

Perhaps my favourite part is toward the end, when he urges us not to despise small beginnings. God always sees far beyond what is present and apparent directly in front of us, so our tendency to feel hedged in by supposed limitations may be one of our fatal mistakes.

The enthusiastic tone makes this easy-to-read book something which may lift your mood on a lazy afternoon.

I received a free copy from the author in return for an honest review.

3.5 stars

 Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns: Finding Your Place in Life available from Amazon

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