Saturday, January 18, 2014

'It's a God Thing' by Don Jacobson

It's a God Thing: When Miracles Happen to Everyday People
Some things in life have no earthly explanation. It's just a God thing.

Miracles are not reserved for the characters in the Old and New Testaments; they happen to everyday people. Series creator Don Jacobson ("When God Makes Lemonade") and K-LOVE Radio Network (12 million listeners) have joined together to produce one of the most remarkable collections of modern day miracles ever compiled.

From a hunter who survived a horrific accident to a mother woken up to escape an attacker, from a soldier guided to safety through unspeakable horrors to a young backpacker who walked free from a terrorist attack, "It's A God Thing "presents some of the most amazing stories of God's hand on our lives.

Collection of personal testimonies about God's goodness are often encouraging. This one is very up-to-date, having just been published. It even includes an event which happened during the 2013 Boston Marathon, which wasn't even a year ago.

My favourites were the stories about God's protection, and how individuals were saved from death through accidents and probable murder. There are clear supernatural protection elements involved. I also like being reminded of the subtlety with which little, serendipitous God-incidences may occur. As many of us do, I have a few of my own, and it reinforced that they were indeed divine appointments, because of their similarity to others within this book.

Here's a word of warning for the tender-hearted, though. What I didn't like so much was the number of stories concerning the deaths of loved-ones, often children. Although each of the authors made it clear that they felt God's love during these times of bereavement, I still felt very sad reading them and shed some tears. If you're expecting a book which consists of nothing but uplifting, happy-making experiences, this might not fit the bill.

I received a copy from Net Galley and Thomas Nelson in return for an honest review.

3 stars

It's A God Thing: When Miracles Happen to Everyday People available from Amazon

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