European Reading Challenge, 2019

I've decided to join this very cool challenge that encourages us to read books by European authors or set in European countries. I love the idea of reading around as much of Europe as possible. Armchair tourism is the next best thing to flying to the destinations, and I'm confident I can tick off at least five titles just by tapping into my current to-be-read list, even though no country double-ups are allowed. 

This challenge is hosted by Rose City Reader, and here are the rules. We have until the end of January 2020 to complete it, which I appreciate being a little late on board. Check it out and consider joining us. 

Now for my choices.

Italy My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
FranceLittle by Edward Carey
RussiaWar and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
NetherlandsThe Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas
United Kingdom Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens
Belgium Villette by Charlotte Bronte
Sweden - (Something by Astrid Lindgren)
Germany - Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
Finland - The Summer Book by Tove Janssen
Denmark - Babette's Feast by Isak Dinesen

Keep an eye on this list, as it'll no doubt be in flux, and hopefully even grow.


  1. Great list! I've heard wonderful things about Little; Our Mutual Friend is also wonderful and The Black Tulip is quite fun. And I can't believe I've never read Kafka -- I think I'm always just put off by the idea of a giant bug. And my book group is reading My Brilliant Friend in a couple months so I'm eager to see what you'll think of it.

    1. Hi Karen, so looking forward to getting stuck in this list. One thing that encourages me with Kafka is the relative brevity of Metamorphosis, since I'm wondering about the giant bug factor too 😉 My Brilliant Friend has caused such a storm, it sure will be interesting to get on board. And I've almost finished Little, since it was one of my first reads in January. All the good reports were true, it's fantastic, and so well worth the hype. That review's coming soon.

  2. Thanks for joining us for the 2019 challenge! You have some great books picked out!

    1. Thanks Gilion, I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for hosting it.